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Powerness Solar Generator 1500


On our trip, while I was crafting the new Vanlifezone website and managing a few other projects, reliable power was essential. My laptop, phone, and camera couldn‘t afford downtime. Powerness approached us with an offer: their Solar Generator 1500 in exchange for an honest review. With the challenge of staying connected, this generator turned out to be a reliable source of power. This set, with its 1536Wh Powerstation and 200W Solarpanel, ensured our devices never ran out of juice. Its high capacity and multiple outlets allowed us to charge various gadgets simultaneously. We harnessed the sun‘s energy all day when parked up and the van‘s power while driving. Its size was just right for our van, fitting perfectly under our foldable table. However, if you‘re eyeing this device, plan its placement in advance.

This image shows a portable power station inside a van, with a warm sunset or sunrise visible through the windshield. The power station is placed on a wooden table or platform, indicating a possible van conversion for travel or camping. The power station is equipped with various outlets and ports, ready to provide off-grid electrical power. The sunlight glinting through the window adds a feeling of adventure and self-sufficiency.
Powerness Solar Generator 1500

While its performance was great and we had plenty of power at all times, there is room for minor improvements. The generator has only one primary power inlet. This meant we couldn‘t simultaneously feed in solar power and draw power from the van. There‘s an option to also input power via a USB-C cable, but in our experience, this was slow and not particularly efficient. The cable connecting the solar panels to the generator was a tad short for our liking. Given the fixed position of the generator in our van, this occasionally posed challenges in optimally positioning the panels to capture sunlight and resulted in less efficient charging. Yet, in remote locations, the generator‘s reliability shone through, and it is intended to be carried outside anyways. The Powerness Solar Generator 1500 wasn‘t just a tool; it became a vital part of our journey. It ensured uninterrupted work and enhanced our travel experience. For those hitting the road, this generator is a great pick! If you’re interested, Powerness has thrown in a “VANLIFEZONE” discount code, granting a 5% reduction on their website.

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