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Introducing our journal


Hey there, fellow vanlife enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers! You might be curious about the latest addition to the Vanlifezone website – our "Journal" page.

Essentially, this new feature is a dynamic blend of a news platform and a compilation of our best vanlife stories. Our aim is to keep you informed with the most relevant updates and stories from the vanlife community.

We will regularly update you with important news, insights, and developments from the world of vanlife and overlanding. Additionally, we'll share occasional reviews of products that we believe can be essential additions to your vanlife journey—products that not only enhance your experience but also meet our standards of quality and utility. You will also continue to be able to download the magazine at no cost right here in our journal gallery.

A series of images from a van life and adventure magazine, featuring diverse global destinations. The cover displays a rock formation in the Middle East, symbolizing the magazine's exploration theme. Inside, a map indicates the magazine stories' locations, a van is shown in a white desert landscape, a traveler's portrait suggests a long-distance journey, and an action shot of an Unimog traversing a water obstacle in Western Australia reflects the adventurous spirit of the magazine.
A few pages in issue 11 - @vanlifezone

A further vital aspect of our journal is the inclusion of vanlife and overland stories from the community. We aim to breathe new life into our older vanlife articles that are collecting dust in the first copies of our digital magazine issues. These stories deserve to be celebrated! We want to give them the spotlight they deserve, in the new higher standard of quality we now aspire to deliver.

So, dive deep into our curated collection of vanlife adventures, shared by our global community of nomadic explorers. Discover the latest trends, tips, and firsthand experiences that define the vanlife movement.

From sustainable living and off-grid exploration to embracing minimalism and the freedom of the open road that the modern vanlife lifestyle offers. Our Journal is your gateway to inspiration and information.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together, exploring the roads less traveled and fueling our passion for adventure. Welcome to the Vanlifezone Journal!

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